Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet

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Dalmatian stone is a type of Jasper and it gets its name from its similarity to the coat of a Dalmatian breed of dog.

It promotes devotion towards other people. It’s not uncommon to see this stone used for people who have nightmares as the black spots are believed to suck up negative or chaotic energy to encourage a good night’s sleep. Helps tap into the light heartedness with childlike joy and optimism.

Dalmatian jasper is said to be the best stone for dispelling nightmares. This crystal reduces nightmares and night terrors by quieting overactive minds and calming anger or violent emotions, which can disrupt sleep. Brings peaceful thoughts, calm and balance to disturbed mind.

Dalmatian Jasper worry stones are an excellent fidget tool that helps distract your mind away from your anxiety while also helping to transform feelings of anxiety and uneasiness. This gemstone encourages you to find forgiveness as it can decrease the feeling of wanting revenge. The Jasper meaning is that of protection, endurance and physical strength.


Brings balance between the inner masculine and feminine energies.




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